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a passion for Vintage Heuer Watches


I appreciate that swapping, buying or trading a watchfrom a collector requires confidence from both parties.

I have undertaken many such trades over the past few years from here and on various forums etc. - just some of the feedback below.


by Sebastian 14th March 2013 - Vintage Heuer Super Professional 1000m - Really delighted with the watch. Many thanks


by Sacha 20th February 2013 - Vintage Heuer Carrera 1st Execution - Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my husband absolutely adores the watch. He had no idea and was completely speechless - especially as he read over the information that cemented it as the perfect vintage watch for him on his 50th. Thank you so much for the exceptional service, your assistance and sharing your expertise.


by Mark 1st December 2011 - Vintage Heuer Bundeswehr - I have waited for one of these watches for a long time. Seen a few that were a bit rough round the edges and missed a few good ones. This one is a great example.


by Nick 17th September 2011 - Vintage Heuer Autavia - The Watch arrived this morning. Very pleased. Thanks very much.


by Thomas 9th August 2011 - Vintage Heuer Monaco -  just arrived,already on my wrist,great  watch. Thanks for the uncomplicated deal


by Ian 20th June 2011 - Heuer Carrera-  All i can say is Fabulous.  Thank you very much and a pleasure doing business with you. I will look at your site on a regular basis and recommend you to anybody who is thinking of buying a Heuer watch. Once again many thanks for your prompt service.


by Patrick 25th May 2011 - Vintage Heuer Montreal - The Montreal is absolutely fantastic and in stellar condition, I couldn't be any happier with it! I was searching for one in good condition for quite some time


by Eric 23rd May 2011 - Vintage Heuer Carrera - I just got the Carrera! She is beautiful Thank you very much. It's perfect


by Carl 25th March 2011 - Vintage Heuer Autavia - I do not like parting with watches generally but thank you very much for a straight forward deal as always, makes life a lot easier.


by Brook 22nd march 2011 - Vintage Heuer Carrera - arrived today, looks great.Thanks for the great service and hopefully we can do business again.


by Phil 16th March 2011 - Vintage Heuer Autavia GMT - Now that is quite a watch  I'm really chuffed to bits with it - thanks for the deal.


by Rob 11th February 2011 - Vintage Heuer Autavia -  Very few times when I put on a watch and instantly fall for it in the knowledge that it will never go anywhere. In fact it has only happened once before...............your old 11630 - It has been a pleasure dealing with you and no doubt I will be back again at some point.


by Dan 21st January - Vintage Heuer Montreal - Absolutely love the watch - wearing it non stop.

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